Monday, April 16, 2012

A Weekend in the Life of Sister Stewart

Hallo zusammen!

I feel like so much happens during the week and then I get to Monday and writing my e-mail and I don't even know where to start. I think I will mostly just tell you about Saturday and Sunday, because both days were AWESOME---except for the rain. I'm pretty sure it has been raining on and off every few hours for about a week now---out come the boots!

On Saturday we did our normal morning routine (wake up, exercise & get ready, study) then went to go teach W. We haven't been able to teach her for a while because she has been sick/moving. We met her at the church and taught her about the Plan of Salvation. My favorite part of that lesson was when Sister Pingree was explaining about the Celestial Kingdom. W asked "So what do I have to do to get there?" We were then able to explain about baptism and invite her to be baptized. Since she comes from a non-Christian background, she isn't familiar with baptism, but luckily we were in the church so we were able to show her the baptismal font and explain how we get baptized. She said "I'll have to think about it." The great thing is that she understands so much of what we tell her. AND at the end of the lesson she gave the prayer! It was just about the sweetest prayer you've ever heard.

Side note: As we were setting up for W's lesson (getting the white board in place to draw the plan of salvation) I ripped my tights. So I had to take them off. Since it was so cold, after W's appointment during our lunch break we went to go buy some more tights.

After we taught W, we went out to try and bring some potential investigators Books of Mormon. The woman we wanted to visit wasn't home. So we hopped back on the U-Bahn* and then took a bus to get to a less active family we have been trying to get in contact with. Both the parents work, so we thought Saturday would be a good time to try and catch them at home. When we rang their bell, the husband said "Oh it's the missionaries!" and he let us right in. It turns out he and his wife have some questions about the temple that have been bothering them (the wife got baptized a year ago). The husband said "I think you were sent by the Holy Ghost. We only just got home and Saturday is really the only day that we are home together." The funny thing is, is we didn't realize that earlier in the afternoon we had been much closer to their house than we thought. We basically went about 30 minutes out of our way to get to them. But if we had gone more directly, they might not have been home yet! Heavenly Father definitely has a sense of humor.

Sunday before church we had a meeting, so we got to the building early. As we were getting ready for the meeting I ripped my tights AGAIN (the ones I had bought on Saturday). That meant I went tightless for the rest of the day, which was fun because it was rainy and cold. I have definitely learned my lesson to carry emergency tights at all times.

After church there was a ward potluck. I think I ate my weight in Spätzle. It is soooo gooood.
After the potluck, we went to go teach T, a recent convert. What was awesome about that lesson is we were able to have Te, a member from T's ward, come with us. We have been telling T that she needs to do those everyday little things like reading the scriptures and praying to keep the Spirit with her. Te was able to bear testimony to that fact as well, which I think made it even more powerful than just the missionaries telling her to do something. And T and Te live in the same village, so they can help each other make the long trek into Munich for church and YSA activities!

Sunday evening we had an appointment with M, the man we met on the tram  tracks! We thought he was in Greece last week, so we were going to call him this week to set up an appointment. But then he called us on Saturday and asked us if we could come on Sunday! We said of course! We taught him about the Plan of Salvation. I don't know how to describe M, he is just amazing. He lives in very humble circumstances, but that doesn't seem to bother him. He has such a strong faith in the Bible. He tells us "So far everything you are telling me makes sense with what I already believe." When we invited him to get baptized, he said "When I find out that the LDS church is the place I am supposed to worship, I will do everything I can to become a full member." He has a great desire to share the gospel with others, too. He calls us "his" Sisters. His prayer at the end of the lesson was amazing; the Spirit was there so strong. Unfortunately, we really have to give him to the International Ward missionaries to teach. Arrggh! We will definitely keep in contact and see how he is doing.
So that was my weekend. 

Ich liebe es, das Evangeliium mit anderen zu teilen. Ich weiß, dass wenn ich Glauben übe, kann der Herr mich mit Wundern segnen.
(I love sharing the gospel with others. I know that when I have faith, the Lord can provide miracles.)
Alles Gute!
-Sister Stewart

*Sister Behrndt and I accidentally left Sister Pingree on the U-Bahn platform (she was talking to someone) and only realized it once we were halfway up a VERY long escalator, which we then rode to the top and then took the down escalator back to the platform in time to see the woman Sister Pingree had been talking to get on the train with a Book of Mormon. Way to go Sister Pingree!

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