Monday, April 9, 2012

It snowed on Easter

Hola! (I am channeling Elder Stewart for today's greeting)

So, just as we thought we were safe with Spring weather, we woke up Easter morning to SNOW. The whole weekend has been rainy/cold/very wintery. But despite the cold weather, we have seen some amazing miracles!

It is amazing how many prepared people we find, our problem is just holding on to them! It has been hard for us to get a lot of second appointments with people. Things always seem to come up that prevent them from meeting with us. Sister Behrndt said the other day "Here's what happens. We meet them, they are really excited about our message, but then Satan starts working on them and they cancel their appointments. We just need to scare Satan off!" So that's what we will do-work hard and fight against Satan and find the people that are ready for us! Hopefully as our "new investigator" pool expands we will be able to have more "return appointment" investigators.

This past week we starting teaching a woman named H. She is from Morocco. Even though her life hasn't been the easiest (bad relationship with her ex-husband, caring for her son on her own) she is such a happy and positive person. She grew up Muslim and is very familiar with the Koran, but says she is always happy to learn about what others believe and she is searching for the truth that is right for her. We taught her in English and gave her a copy of the Book of Mormon in Arabic. Since she speaks better English than German, we will probably have to give her to the Elders in the International Ward. BUT hopefully we will still be able to visit her sometimes :)

This past week we experienced one of the coolest miracles I have seen so far on my mission. We were crossing some tram tracks. There are tracks that go both directions and in the middle of them is a grassy island. Right as we got to the middle, we ran into (not literally) a man who was crossing in the opposite direction. Sister Pingree offered him a card in German, but he only spoke English. Then she started to explain a little bit in English, but he said "I'm sorry, I don't have much time right now." Then I said "Have you ever heard of the Book of Mormon? Do you want one in English?" He said "okay, but I really have to go." All I had time to do was scramble in my backpack for the English copy that I have been carrying around and hand it to him. He walked off before we could even explain anything about the Book of Mormon. I thought for sure that he wasn't go to read it and that he would either throw it away or just put it somewhere and forget about it.

BUT  THEN, On Saturday HE CALLED US. He said "So, you gave me this book, and I've been reading it, I just need someone to explain to me where it came from. Do you think you could do that?" We said "of course!" So we have an appointment with him today!! (That means we switched our day around a little, so we will have to go grocery shopping on Wednesday). He is going to Greece this week, so we really wanted to take advantage of this opportunity to meet with him. After he comes back we will probably have to give him to the International Elders (again another one of our problems, we are finding these amazing people, they just don't speak German!)

Serving in a Dritt (that's how you saw threesome in German) is lots of fun. We have made a goal as a companionship to speak German when we are out and to speak English at home. Sometimes it works better than others. What ends up happening is that Sister Behrndt will say something to me in German, which I will completely understand, and then I will reply in English, which she completely understands. It makes for some very funny conversations. I'm sure if someone else was listening to us talking, they would scratch their heads in confusion. But it works for us :)

Sometimes I am amazed that I get to serve in a wonderful place like Munich. I have been here for two months!
Ich liebe dieses Evangelium. Ich weiß, dass Jesus Christus lebt und dass er das Sühnopfer für uns vollbracht hat. Er kennt alle unsere Schwächen, und kann uns helfen, sie zu überwinden.
(I love this gospel. I know that Jesus Christ lived and atoned for us. He knows all our weaknesses and can help us overcome them.)

Frohe Ostern! (Happy Easter)
-Sister Stewart

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