Monday, April 30, 2012

This week, Munich decided it is summer!

Hello dearest family and friends!

I don't know if it is because I'm outside more than I am back home or if Munich's weather really is just crazy, but the past week has thrown me for a loop. Friday and Saturday were really warm (30 degrees Celsisus = 86F). It has cooled off a little now, but my question is where did spring go?

Last P-day we went to Neuschwanstein! I can report that it really is worth it the third time around. The weather was perfect, a little cool with clear skies. I love hiking up to the bridge behind the castle and seeing the beautiful view of the German countryside. It was so fun to just take a day with the rest of the missionaries in my district to enjoy ourselves. And, of course, we ran into some American members of the church while we were there.

Tuesday morning we got the call that we have all been dreading: Sister Behrndt's visa was approved. Now she just has to go to an interview at the American consulate, and then once everything is processed she'll be gone in a week or two :( It has been so great to have her here. She brings such a great spirit to our companionship and helps us so much with our German. Hopefully we haven't corrupted her German too badly with our Denglish.

One of my favorite days this past week was Thursday, so I will just give you a quick blow by blow--
Thursday at about lunch time we went to the park to try and catch A. A is one of our few German speaking investigators. He will only meet us in the park, and fixed appointments stress him out, so we always try and surprise him when the weather is nice. When we got to the park, we saw him just sitting on a blanket enjoying the sun. Perfect :) We taught him about the plan of salvation. Our big struggle with A is convincing him to come to church. He is reading in the Book of Mormon, he prays daily and he loves meeting with us, he just says that he is not a 'church going person.' Meine gute (good grief). Despite that, we had a very good appointment. Sister Pingree asked him "What is the purpose of life for you?" which really made him think. We then were able to teach about how we are here on the earth to make the choices that will help us return to our Heavenly Father (Alma 34). I hope we get him to church soon!

Thursday afternoon we stopped by some former investigators who own a gelato shop :) They are so nice. They spend summer living in Germany and winter living in Italy. How perfect is that? They are so warm and friendly AND they gave us free ice cream. 

Thursday evening we had an appointment with S, a new investigator. She has LOTS of questions. The funny thing is she is German, but she lived in England for three years so she loves to speak English with us! We gave an introductory lesson and set up an appointment for this week! Hooray for new investigators! So all in all, Thursday was a pretty great day.

The past couple Sundays I have been helping in Nursery (with the little kids who are 18 months to 3 years old). It is so fun. There are a couple of international families in our ward whose children speak English, so the nursery leader is really glad to have me, because children are hard enough to understand in your own language. It has been great to just sit on the floor and play with them.

Ich habe diese Woche viel über das Gebet gedacht. Gott verheißt uns, dass er immer die Tür öffnen wird, aber wir wissen nicht, was hinter die Tür steht. Wir müssen Glauben habe. Er weißt, was wir brauchen. Ich weiß, dass Himmlische Vater uns liebt und das er uns den Weg immer zeigen wird, wenn wir ihn fragen.
(I have thought a lot about prayer this week. God promises to always open the door, but we do not know what is behind it. We must have faith. He knows what is best. I know that Heavenly  Father loves us and will always show us the way---if we ask.)

Liebe Grüße,
Sister Stewart

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  1. Sister Stewart I LOVE the quote you put at the end it is AWESOME!!! I am going to write it down to remember.

    I also love to here how it is going with investigators and that no matter what you just keep trying with some of the harder ones :) At some point I a am sure that things will work out :)

    I also love that you are helping in Nursery and it shows once again how small of a world we really live in :)