Monday, June 11, 2012

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Funny story- We ran into one of our investigators in the internet shop just now when we came in. Munich is a big city, but somehow we manage to see people that we know fairly often.

The weather in Munich has been very rainy. Lots of days it will rain in the morning but thankfully it mostly clears up by the afternoon. It's nice because so far the rain has kept the heat to a minimum.

I forgot to tell y'all last week- Sister Pingree and I are staying in Munich for another 6 weeks! So I'll be here at least until July 19th. Last Monday we went hiking with our district. Two of the missionaries left to go home last week, so it was their last P-Day. It rained the whole time and the trail we wanted to hike was closed, but it was still a lot of fun. I can't believe I get to serve in such a beautiful place!

This past week we "babysat" a sister who was getting transferred and had to spend the night in Munich. Since we had an appointment, Sister Pingree and Sister Shulze took the luggage home and Sister Roffler and I went to go teach Sylvia. It was the first time I have been in a lesson with an investigator without Sister Pingree. It was very reassuring to discover that I can do this on my own without my trainer. Sister Roffler and I taught about the restoration. Sylvia asked us during the lesson why she has never seen an angel. I've been thinking about that a lot. One answer that Sister Roffler and I came up with is that if we saw angels every time we had a question, there would be no reason to have faith. But because we have to read in the scriptures and pray and trust in God and then listen for the Spirit, we get an opportunity to exercise our faith.
It's funny; we have taught two of our investigators in the past week about faith. One of the things I have gained a stronger testimony of in preparing and teaching those lessons is that faith without works really is dead. The two are inseparable. If we do nothing, we can never gain faith. We must exercise our agency to do the things that we help us develop faith (pray, read, go to church, serve others, etc). One the other hand, when we have faith, it is shown through our actions. There are many things we do because we have faith (pray, read, go to church, serve others, etc.). As we develop more faith, we do more to show our faith, and as we choose to follow God, we develop more faith. It's a positive feedback loop! (Sorry for the nerdy reference). This concept is something we have been working really hard to help our investigators understand. They have to take action in order to develop the faith to get baptized.

I know I am only beginning to scratch the surface on understanding how faith works, but I am so grateful for the opportunity I have here on a mission to study the gospel and then help others to understand.
Embarrassing moment time- (this just goes to show that even when you have been learning a language for 15 years, you still say stupid things)

Last week we were waiting to get on a street car and there was a woman helping another woman into a wheel chair. I reached out my hand to steady the wheel chair while she was sitting down. Then as she was walking away, the woman said "Danke schön!" (Thank you!). And what did I say in return? Not the proper response of "Bitte schön!" (You're welcome!). Nope, instead I said "Entschuldigung!" (Excuse me!) Dope. Oh well, the street was pretty noisy, so I'm holding out hope that she didn't hear clearly what I said.

Ich liebe es, Missionarin zu sein! President Miles sagt immer "Ist es nicht schön, auf Mission zu sein?" und ich stimme zu! Ich habe so viel gelernt und hoffe, dass ich viel mehr lernen werde. Ich weiß, dass unser Himmlische Vater uns leibt. Er will, dass wir alles lernen was wir müssen um zurück zu ihm zu kehren.
(I love being a missionary! President Miles always says, “Isn’t it great to be on a mission?”, and I agree! I have learned so much and hope to learn much more. I know that our Heavenly Father loves us. He wants us to learn all we need to know to return to Him.)

Liebe Grüße,
Eure Sister Stewart

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