Monday, June 18, 2012

Ein kleines Zöpfli

(The subject line is in Swiss German, translated it means "a little braid." Zopf is a type of Swiss bread that looks like a braid. The diminutive form of words in Swiss German uses an umlaut and then adds -li at the end. This ends my geeky language moment.)

Guten tag!!

Well on Tuesday it poured rain the whole afternoon and I was NOT wearing the correct shoes. Poor things, they may never be the same again.

Wednesday was the exciting day. Sister Roffler got the petition approved for her visa! That means that now she can go to Bern and apply for a real, live visa to enter the US. Unfortunately, the visa didn't come in time for her to join her MTC group, so she will have to stay a little longer with us :) She will enter the MTC at the end of June. Wednesday afternoon we spent a good chunk of time in the mission office getting everything sorted out, hopefully we didn't miss anything! After our afternoon spent jumping through all sorts of bureaucratic hoops, we got to eat ice cream at G's ice cream shop. He's been investigating the church for about 10 years now. He's Italian :) It was the perfect ending to the day.

Thursday afternoon I got to witness a pretty cool miracle that actually started a couple weeks ago. Sister Roffler has a goal to talk to someone in every train she is in. It's something I really admire her for, because talking to people in trains is HARD. Any way, we were in a pretty packed U-Bahn train the other day. There was a man standing there that Sister Roffler thought she should talk to, but she didn't get up the courage until we were getting out of the train, so she just handed him a card. And then that evening, he called us! His name is V.  We set up an appointment to visit him on Thursday. On the phone before we came he told us "I have a surprise for you"--- oookaaay. So we were a little apprehensive. We get to his apartment and start talking to him and getting to know him. It was strange because he would use words like "gospel" and "sacrifice" and kept calling us "Schwester" (most people don't read our tags that clearly). So as he was telling us about his life, he talked about how he grew up in Berlin. He had a nephew who joined the church. Then he said "and then my nephew baptized me" WHAT?!? Turns out he has been a member of the church since he was 20. He has read the Book of Mormon twice (granted while he was in prison, but that's a different story).  He has had a really hard life, and I think even a few months earlier he wouldn't have been willing to start meeting with missionaries. I just can't believe that we actually found him on the U-Bahn in Munich. I don't know how many thousands of trains run throughout the city every day, every few minutes. And he happened to be in our train. And Sister Roffler was trying her best to accomplish the goal she had set. It's amazing how little the Lord needs to work with to produce great miracles.

Saturday we had a Straßenausstellung (Road Show---don't think they really do these in the U.S.) Basically we just go to a square in Munich. We have a little display we set up and then we spend four hours talking to people. It was really nice weather. After wards we went to play soccer with the JAEs (another miracle-we found someone to invite at the last minute because our investigator canceled on us, meaning we couldn't go). I don't know how long it's been since I've played soccer. It felt really good.

Ich bin so dankbar, auf Mission zu sein. Es ist ein einzigartig Gelegenheit. Ich weiß, dass wenn wir den Herrn folgen, wird er uns segnen.
(I am so thankful to be on a mission. It is a special opportunity. I know that when we follow the Savior he will bless us.)

Alles Gute! Tschüss!
--Sister Stewart

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