Monday, March 26, 2012

The week of two journal entries

I don't even know where to start the past week was so crazy. 

First off an embarrassing/hilarious story---since we can work all over Munich, sometimes we end up across town from our apartment. That was the case last week. We had a dinner/lesson appointment with one of the sisters who doesn't live in our ward. We had a great time and left her house in plenty of time to get home before 9:00. To get home, we had to ride the Bus, to the U-Bahn, to the S-Bahn. We made all of our connections and were so proud of ourselves. However, when we arrived on our doorstep, we realized that we did not have our keys. This is a problem because right now there is only one set of keys for our apartment. Luckily, we called the sister we had dinner with and she found them in her apartment. Unfortunately, we couldn't go all the way back across town to get them from her. So we had to find somewhere to sleep. We ended up going to the mission home, which is fairly close and easy to get to from our house. It was actually really funny. We slept in the basement and then the next morning had breakfast with President and Sister Miles. Pres Miles said "You should come every Tuesday!" Needless to say, we will be making a copy of our key ASAP.

This past week Heavenly Father has blessed us a lot. Since it has gotten warmer, people are a lot more willing to talk to us. In our mission, we have a goal that every companionship should give out one Book of Mormon every day. This goal was really hard to meet in the winter. Our Zone Leaders have encouraged us to always have a Book of Mormon in our hands and to have one more in our backpacks, so all companionships should have four Book of Mormons at all times. I am very thankful that Heavenly Father inspired our Zone Leaders to gives us that counsel and that Sister Pingree and I have been trying to follow it, because lots of days in the past week, Sister Pingree and I have been able to give away one, if not two or three Book of Mormons each day! It has been an incredible week. I know that the Lord is preparing the hearts of these people, we just need to find them.

I picked up my residence permit this past week! I officially can stay in Germany until August 2013. Switzerland and Austria are another issue, if I get transferred there, I'll have to get another visa. Fun stuff.
On Saturday we helped at the "mini MTC." The stake put together a mini MTC for the youth to help them do missionary work. Sister Pingree and I helped them practice how to invite their friends to church. It was really fun to be there, but I had forgotten how hectic activities with teenagers can be. At one point it started hailing outside (March can't make up its mind). We were in the cultural hall where there are these HUGE windows, and one of the kids just hopped up on  the window. oh well.

I realized I haven't described a lot of what daily life looks like in Germany. I'll try to do a better job of that. First I'll describe some things that are different about our apartment. In Germany, there is no central air conditioning/heat. There are individual heaters in each room that you can turn on and adjust. And there is no air conditioning. In the summer they just open up the windows. I find it odd that the windows don't have screens on them, but maybe that's just because I come from Virginia, where if we didn't have screens on our windows, the house would be full of all sorts of interesting bugs. In Germany washers are a LOT smaller. And we don't have a dryer, so we hang everything out to dry, even socks (I am of the firm opinion that socks should go in the dryer, but I guess the Germans don't think it's a big deal). Refrigerators are smaller. Basically lots of household appliances are smaller than their American counterparts. There are some things I miss about America, but I am definitely starting to appreciate that there are some things I can live without (however, I will be very excited for the day when I can put my socks in the dryer).

Ich liebe euch!

-Sister Stewart

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