Friday, January 13, 2012

A Note on Contacting Me

So, here's the deal people. While I'm on my mission, you can e-mail me, write me letters, and/or send me packages. No phone calls, no texts, no facebook. I can only send weekly e-mails to family (which will be posted here), but I can write everyone letters.

Just so you know, you should definitely check out
This website is an AWESOME way to send letters. While I'm in the MTC it's FREE and it only costs 98 cents once I get into the mission field. What you do is write your letter on the website, then they print it out and send it to me! If I'm in the MTC, I get it that same day! It's super easy to use, I recommend it highly.

Here are all my contact infos:

E-mail Address:
This is the ONLY e-mail address I will check. Be sure to include your snail-mail address when you e-mail me so I can write you back!

In the MTC(January 18th to hopefully sometime in February) :
Sister JeanMarie Stewart
MTC Mailbox #332
ALP-GER 0320
2005 N 900 E
Provo, UT 84604-1793
United States

In Germany, I will be moving around. I will let you know my most current address is when I go somewhere new, but you can always write me at the mission office:
Sister JeanMarie Stewart
Alpine German-Speaking Mission
Lommelstraße 7
81479 München

(for those of you wondering, that funny B looking thing in my German address is a double s. German is pretty cool like that. So "ß"="ss")

In the MTC:
Nothing can be hand delivered, it must come through the mail. Baked goods of all shapes and sizes will be accepted and eaten gladly by me and my companion :)

In Germany:
Send packages to the mission office. You will need the phone number of the mission office, which you can get from my mom, Amy Darger-Stewart.

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