Monday, January 30, 2012

In which you get to guess when I will be leaving the MTC

Hallo Meine Familie! 
So I have the date I will be leaving the MTC, but I'm not going to be giving it to you until the end of this e-mail (no peeking, Dad). Suffice it to say I am SO EXCITED to be flying to Munich!
One of the most exciting things that happened this week was that Michael, excuse me, "Elder Stewart" came! When I got to dinner on Wednesday I searched the whole cafeteria looking for him. When he saw me, I gave him a big hug! (Which freaked all the missionaries around us out.) I'm so glad he's here. I know he's where the Lord wants him to be and that he will be ready to preach the gospel in St. George in three weeks.
My companion and I are working together well in our teaching. We had to work out some kinks at first, but I absolutely love teaching with Sister Belnap! Sister Vaetua continues to just go with the flow, she has so much patience with my hilarious attempts to communicate with her.
Since I am the only German speaking missionary in my district, I have had to teach a couple of lessons in German completely alone! It has been very nerve wracking, to say the least. A couple that I taught on Friday night told me that I didn't speak "Missionar-Deutsch" which was very comforting. I have also taught one of my teachers who served his mission in Germany. He pretended to be an investigator named David who turned out to be Muslim! So that was an interesting lesson. I know that as I continue to work on my language skills the Lord will continue to bless me. 
I know I have said this before, but the Elders in my District are awesome. The other day, Sister Belnap and I were trying to teach two of them, Elder Chang and Elder Oh, how to cross their eyes. Since they're Asian, they couldn't do it very well (not meant to be racist, it's just the truth since their eyes are narrower). They thought it was hilarious to watch Sister Belnap and I cross our eyes, because since we're American you can really see it well.
 On Sunday at the Devotional the Speaker said something that I have really been thinking about. He read the scripture where Christ says "Come, follow me." He then defined the two verbs, "Come" and "follow." "Come"=exercising fatih, repenting, getting baptized, and receiving the Holy Ghost. "Follow"= enduring to the end. Sometimes I think we forget about the enduring to the end part, but I know that as we continue to be faithful and follow Christ, He will bless us in ways that we can't even imagine.
Jetzt werde ich euch sagen, wann ich die MTC verlassen werde. Ich werde am 6. Februar abfliegen! Ich freue mich so sehr darauf! Ich kann kaum erwarten, in Deutschland zu sein!
(Now, I will tell you when I am leaving the MTC. I fly out on February 6th. I am very excited! I can barely wait to get back to Germany!)
 mit herzlichen Gruessen,
(with warmest regards)
Sister Stewart 

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