Monday, February 18, 2013

February is a very short month

So today we had lunch with one of the members and then afterwards she basically kidnapped us and took us to some outlet stores, including Lindt and Gummi Bear Land. Oh it was so much fun. Needless to say, today I consumed far too much sugar. Also, in the last week I have baked brownies twice and cookies once (they were all for other people, I promise!)

This past week was pretty great. Sometimes the days just run together, but I try to separate them out again when I get to e-mail time.

Monday- We went to our Branch President's house for his birthday.
Tuesday- We had District Meeting and then "Area Book Finding." President Miles has decided we need to clean up our records and really go through them and see who we can contact. So that involved sifting through a lot of papers, trying to decipher handwriting (sometimes it was so bad I couldn't even tell if they were writing in German or English...) and then calling people up on the phone. Definitely a different kind of missionary work than I'm used to.
Wednesday- We did lots of tracting. Not much success numbers wise. BUT that morning we were walking through a nearby Dorf when we saw someone jogging down the streets toward us, wearing black leggings, a black long sleeve shirt, and a black hood. When he got closer, he said "Sisters! Hello!" It was B. W., one of the members! What is funnier is that he was about 10 kilometers from his home, just jogging to work! 
Saturday- We went out to Heidenheim, a city that is in our area but is 1 hour and a half away by train. Except for now they are doing construction on the train tracks, so to get there instead of taking two trains we took two trains and a bus and it took half an hour longer. So fun.

This past week I have learned (again) the value of prayer, of really pouring our hearts out to Heavenly Father and telling Him what we need. We never know what He is willing to give us until we just ask! He is waiting and willing to answer us if we will just get down on our knees and ask Him. I know He is always there for us. 

Ich weiß, dass es die richtige Entscheidung war, auf Mission zu kommen. Es ist nicht immer leicht, und ich weiß, dass ich viele Fehler mache. Aber ich weiß, dass mein Himmlische Vater mich trotz meinen Schwächen liebt. Er ist immer bereit, mir zu helfen. Er kennt meine Potential, deshalb hilft er mir, mich zu verbessern. Ich bin einfach dankbar für die Dinge die ich auf Mission gelernt habe und die ich immer noch lernen werde.
(I know that I made the right decision to come on a mission. It is not always easy and I know that I make many mistakes. However, I also know that my Heavenly Father loves me despite my weaknesses. He is always willing to help me. He knows my potential which helps me to improve myself. I am thankful for the things I have learned in the mission field and I am still learning.) 

Mach's gut! Ich hab euch lieb! (Take care, I love you!)
--Sister Stewart

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