Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Weiter, immer weiter (Onward, ever onward)

Hallo liebe Familie!

Ahhh, I have so much to write and so little time to do so. 
This past week we have been so blessed. It has been amazing to begin to see some of the fruits of our labors here in Göppingen. The most exciting part: In the past couple days we have found 3 new investigators! Yeah!

The first pair we found is an older Polish couple. We contacted the wife on the street on my second day in Göppingen, and yesterday we were finally able to get an appointment with them! They are so adorable. The wife told us "I have been waiting for something like this" :)  I am so excited to get to teach them more!

The other investigator we found just this morning. We normally work in the evenings on P-Days, but today we have something else to do in the evening, so we decided to work this morning. Sister Ackerman felt like we should go to Schlat, the golden town. We walked all the way to the edge of town and then started ringing doorbells on our way back. The second house we ring the bell and a woman answers the door. We literally said the words "Jesus Christ" and she let us right in :) She is amazing. She only really started believing in God and Christ about 4 years ago. Right now she is getting a divorce. She kept telling us how crazy it was that we were there that day, because she had been feeling pretty sad about the whole thing. She was so excited to read the Book of Mormon and we are going back on Friday! YES!

The whole week was full of amazing happenings.
Saturday we rode a bus with a bunch of people going out to celebrate Fasching (the pre-Lent Carnival). They were dressed in crazy costumes and were a little on the inebriated side. The bus was packed full. The driver drove past our stop, and because the bus was full, we couldn't get up to the front to tell him. Luckily there was an older lady who ran to the front and told him when she got off at her stop. We ended up having to ride the bus to the end (literally in the middle of nowhere) and then back to our stop. We were an hour late for our appointment. Luckily, the member we were visiting still had some time. And then on the bus back, we saw the same lady from before! We were able to have a really nice conversation with her and we gave her a card with our number and the church address.

Thursday there was a Relief Society activity. We got to watch a movie :) It is called Silent Night, and is about how the Christmas song was written. And there is now a ton of snow in Göppingen, so it was like a little Christmas replay :)

Oh! I have officially been out on my mission ONE year! Friday was my year mark. We just worked hard and then made some cake in the evening :) Only six months left, I can hardly believe it.

Winter is in full swing here, we have gotten quite a bit of snow and ice in the past few weeks. My most prized possession right now is the pair of mittens I bought last year in Munich. They keep my fingers nice and toasty :) I just hope my boots last until winter is over!

Manchmal müssen wir einfach arbeiten, arbeiten, arbeiten, und dan irgenwann kommen die Segnungen. Der Herr hat ein Zeitplan, wir müssen einfach eifrig sein und darauf vertrauen, dass wenn es so weit ist, die Wunder werden geschehen.
(Sometimes we just need to work, work, and work and then at some point the blessings come. The Lord has a schedule, we have to be diligent and trust that the miracles will come.) 

Mach's gut! Ich hab euch lieb! (Cheers!  I love you!)
--Sister Stewart

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