Monday, January 28, 2013

Miracles Happen!

Guten Tag!

This past week we were so blessed, it is amazing to see how the Lord guides this work.

Last Monday I found out that W, the Chinese investigator in Wien, was going to get baptized on January 26, i.e. this last Saturday! That is a miracle! Other missionaries found W about a week before I got to Wien. We taught her pretty consistently all 4 transfers that I was there; we just couldn't commit her to baptism because her dad wouldn't allow it. But then a couple weeks ago a miracle happened: her dad had a change of heart and said she was old enough to make her own decisions, and if she wanted to get baptized, she could! Oh man so cool! It was too far away for me to go to the baptism, but I did get to call her on the phone and talk to her. She was just so giggly and happy, it made my day. I told her to keep reading, praying, and coming to church. She said "I will. I very much like going to church" :) I am so happy for her, she really deserves this.

We were able to meet with K (who we found on Monday) again on Friday! She didn't come to church this week, but I am still very optimistic about her. We taught about prophets and she was just so excited to find out that we have a prophet RIGHT NOW, TODAY, and that his name is Thomas S. Monson :)

My worst fear came true this week: We got stuck in a little Dörfchen (smaller than a village, basically a group of about ten houses on a road up in the middle of a forest) because we either missed the bus or it didn't come and the next one didn't come for 2 HOURS. Luckily the member we had visited took pity on us and drove us to the next village over where the busses come every 30 minutes, thank goodness. Riding busses out to little villages scares me because I always have this fear that we are going to get stuck. I am more used to the city where the worst that can happen is you wait for 20 minutes. Well, I guess it is all just part of the experience!

This week we also had an Austausch (exchange), I worked with Sister Garrett here in Göppingen. We visited an investigator, a less active and then rang some doorbells, a very balanced day of missionary work :)

So last night when we sat down to plan, I discovered that I had lost my planner. I started to have a minor panic attack because my planner is what keeps me on an even keel. It was raining and I was scared that the planner had fallen out of my pocket on the way home and was lying in the street somewhere getting soaked. We called the member we had just visited and she said she didn't see it in her apartment. So we decided to go out and look for it. Before we did so we knelt and said a prayer. Right after we finished, the phone rang. It was the member: she had found my planner! I was so grateful, it turned a not so great evening into a little testimony building experience that God hears our prayers and is watching out for us.

God answers prayers. Miracles happen.

Ich bin dankbar, auf Mission zu sein. Manchmal denke ich über alles was in dem Jahr passiert ist und ich kann es kaum glauben. Ich habe so viele Wunder gesehen. Ich habe meinen Himmlische Vater besser kennen gelernt und habe ein festes Zeugnis, dass er mich liebt. Es lohnt sich, auf Mission zu gehen!
(I am grateful to be on a mission. Sometimes I think about all that has happened in a year and I can hardly believe it. I have seen so many miracles. I gotten to know my Heavenly Father better and have a strong testimony that he loves me. It pays to be a missionary!)

--Sister Stewart

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