Monday, July 2, 2012

A suitcase full of Swiss chocolate

Hallo zusammen!
Stay safe with all those crazy storms in Virginia! We've had some thunderstorms here, but luckily nothing too bad.
This past week has been great! I can't believe how much we have been blessed this week. It is amazing to see how the work has grown here in Munich and how the Lord continues to help us in ways I couldn't even have imagined before.
Tuesday after District Meeting we sent Sister Roffler off to Switzerland for her visa interview. Then Sister Pingree and I had an appointment with K. We taught him about repentance. When we asked him how he feels after he does something he knows is wrong he said, "But I try not to do anything wrong." K is the best. He is going on vacation to Hungary for a month. He has promised to read the Book of Mormon and we are giving him the number for missionaries in Hungary so he can continue to get some lessons. He already loves coming to church and activities, he just wants to be "100% sure before he signs the contract" I hope and pray that as he reads in the Book of Mormon, he will gain that testimony.
Wednesday Sister Pingree and I slept in three hours to recover from our colds. That helped a lot. Then in the afternoon we went to go pick up Sister Roffler. She brought back a whole suitcase full of food from Switzerland! Tomorrow at District meeting we are having Raclette (melted cheese over potatoes and bacon, verrry tasty). She even brought the cheese from Switzerland!
Thursday we had an appointment with J and A. J is a less active sister and A is her son. He came to church three Sundays in a row, but he haven't seen him there in a while :(   We had a really good lesson on Thursday, though, and A has decided to start teaching us Spanish. Me llamo Hermana Stewart.
Thursday evening we were allowed to watch the semifinal of the European Cup! Germany played Italy, and it was a very, very sad game.
Friday and Saturday were HOT. Luckily, we have a couple fans in our apartment (Europeans don't believe in air conditioning).
Sunday was a pretty cool day. In church we had three investigators there! The Elders also had 5 more! It was awesome! Also, ten minutes before sacrament meeting, who walks in but E, who was my roommate on Study Abroad in Berlin! She has been studying for the past few months in Stuttgart and is now visiting Munich for a week!  Small, small world.
This week we have taught a lot of appointments out of Dieter F. Uchtdorf's talk The Merciful obtain Mercy. I highly recommend it. Go check it out!
Ich habe gelernt, dass wenn man versucht, andere zu sehen, wie Gott sie sieht, dann muss man sie einfach lieben. Wenn wir andere wirklich als Kinder Gottes sehen, dann sehen wir ihre Potenzial und wie wichtig sie dem Herrn sind. Wir sind alle Kinder Gottes, und deshalb haben wir alle die Fähigkeit, eines Tages wie ihm zu sein. Die Liebe Gottes kann uns helfen, seine Kinder zu sehen, wie sie wirklich sind, und dadurch Gott auch zu sehen.  Moroni 7:45-48.
(I have learned that if you try to see others as God sees them, you should love them. If we really see others as children of God, then we see their potential and how important they are to the Lord. We are all children of God and have the ability to be like Him one day.  The love of God can help us to see His children as they really are and as a result, see God as well. Moroni 7:45-48.)

mit lieben Grüßen
--Sister Stewart


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