Monday, July 9, 2012

Sommer in München

Hello dear family and friends!

I'm writing this at the end of a pretty good P-Day. Today we went to the Concentration Camp in Dachau. I had been feeling a little guilty that we hadn't been there yet, because we live only three stops away with the S-Bahn. It was a really interesting experience and I highly recommend going and taking the guided tour if you are ever in the Munich area.

This week was full of fun stuff. Monday we had an abbreviated P-Day because we had three appointments scheduled that day.

On Tuesday after District Meeting we ate Raclette. Basically you take really good Swiss cheese (not the kind we have in America, the actual, good stuff from Switzerland), melt it, and eat it over potatoes and bacon and other tasty things. mmmmmm. Then after that Sisters Pingree, Roffler and I joined some of the senior missionaries and took a walking tour around Munich (using the time we didn't get on Monday) and learned about Hitler and the beginnings of the Nazi Party. Kind of nerdy, but I really enjoyed it. Then Elder Tauche (who is serving in the Munich first ward) and I taught German class. German class is a new thing they have started up again here in Munich. Right now Elder Tauche and I have two students. It's super fun though. This week we taught the Alphabet and how to introduce yourself.

Wednesday was the fourth of July! Unfortunately, we didn't really have time to celebrate. To show our American pride, Sister Pingree wore red and white and I wore blue and white. Sister Roffler wished us a "Happy American Day!"

On the 4th and 5th of July I learned a pretty important lesson. Lots of times as missionaries, people appeal for our help, and sometimes we are not able (because of the rules and also time/physical limitations) to help them. On Wednesday night we were trying to help one of our investigators with something, but it just wasn't working and we could all feel that the Spirit wasn't there. We left and told her we would come back in the morning to try and finish. We talked about the situation on the way home, reminded ourselves of our purpose of missionaries, and made a plan for how we would move forward. Then on Thursday we went back to the investigator, said a prayer together, and were able to finish helping her. Leaving her that day I felt so happy because not only were we able to help her, but the Spirit was also there, just because we made that attitude switch and focused again on our goal and our assignment as missionaries. I hope this story is understandable. Basically the gist of what I want to say is that it is always important to focus on the goal, and to remember the commandments God has given us. Then we will not be lead astray and God will help lead us to the place we need to go. This experience reminded me of 1 Nephi 18, when Lehi and his family are sailing toward the Promised Land and Laman and Lemuel got fed up and started complaining. The Lord then sends a big storm until they get their act figured out. Once they realize their mistake and focus again on the goal, then they are able to be guided again to the Promised Land. I know that the Lord will always help us get to where we need to be if we heed the commandments.

Thursday and Friday were packed with appointments, which is always nice. We met again with W! We taught about repentance and she promised to come to church again this Sunday, but unfortunately, she slept through her alarm :( She is making great progress, though.

Probably my favorite day of this week was Saturday. We were able to contact a potential investigator, give him a Book of Mormon, and set up an appointment with him! Then we went to a concert at the Stake Center (a flautist and a harpist from the orchestra on temple square) and we dropped by the birthday party of one of our investigator’s kids. The B family is from Cameroun. They are amazing people, so nice and friendly. The funny thing is, they are a referral from someone whose name we don't know, but who gave them our names and telephone number! Sister Pingree and I really are quite confused about it, but hey! a whole family that is interested! There is a mom and a dad and a one year-old baby.

Sunday we got to teach H, a new convert in our ward. The Elders had an appointment with her, but they couldn't come, so they asked us to step in. It was really fun to teach her. I hope in the future we get to teach her more often. She even told us "I like lessons with the Sisters" :) Can we help it if we're just more fun? ;)
This Thursday we get transfer calls! I don't want to speculate, but I have been in Munich, with Sister Pingree, since February, so anything could happen! I'll let you know next week whether I go or stay!

Es ist jetzt sehr heiß in München! Wir arbeiten eifrig trotzdem, und versuchen die auserwählte Menschen zu finden. Auf Mission is es sehr wichtig, die Zeit gut zu benutzen. Es gibt viele Ablenkung, aber Himmlische Vater hat uns dieser Zeit gegeben, und deshalb will ich sie ausnutzen! Ich weiß, dass Gott uns kennt. Er weißt, was wir brauchen, um unser Ziel zu erreichen. Konzentrieren wir uns auf das Ziel, wird er uns helfen.

(It is now quite hot in Munich! We are working hard to try and find the elect. On a mission it is very important to use time wisely. There are many distractions, but Heavenly Father has given us this time so I will take advantage of it! I know that God knows us. He knows what we need to accomplish our goal. If we focus on the goal, he will help us.)

Tschüss und bis bald!
--Sister Stewart

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